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001-018 Tamara Icons
019-034 Classic Horror Icons
035-049 Icon Battle Icons (battled with deadwillwalk)
050-057 Asylum Icons


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I made a horror movie icon 100 community last night. It's all set up and ready for people to start making claims. So if you like horror movies, are an icon maker, and think you wanna be a part of the challenge, go ahead and put in a claim. Oh and pimp. I'll get more members that way.

Sophia Bush

The Hitcher & Kingdom Hospital Graphics

I experimented with a darker coloring on some of these. So I wanna know what you think of it. Any good? Should I use it again? Good or bad I wanna know.

001-030 The Hitcher (Mostly Sophia)
031-035 Kingdom Hospital (Mary)
10 Userinfos



One Direction - Larry Stylinson

Dark Ride Icons

I was originally gonna make a big post of icons from all the horrorfest 06 movies but I figured I already had these done and haven't really felt like capping the others. Besides I've had these done for a few months anyway.

40 Dark Ride Icons



Warning: It is a horror movie so there is some blood and gore in these icons. As well as character death spoilers. There's also one icon with a bad word.

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Request A Movie

I tend to icon whole movies so if there's ever a movie you'd like me to icon this is the place to do it. So got a movie? Fill out the form and I'll see what I can do.

Name Of The Movie:

Link Me To The Caps:

If you don't know where to find caps I can probably find some or I might even have the movie and can cap it myself. So don't worry if you're not sure where to find caps.
House Of Wax - Nick/Carly

Official Request Post

I figured I make an official request post. That way if you ever want to request an icon or other graphic from me you have a place to do it. It makes it easier for me as well. When requesting something please use the following form. Thanks.

Shareable or Not:
HQ Pic or Screencap: (if possible)
If a header/banner, what size:
Any Text: